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Exclamation 50 jackin GFK Beat from Pretty Tony Album

I know these guys have taken a couple jabs at each other on mixtapes and Ghostface on the track Holla, but when i heard the 50 cent cd i was shocked to make this discovery.

The track Metal Lungies from the Pretty Tony cd has the same beat as the 50 Cent track I Don't Need Him from the Massacre

I think everybody here will agree when I say the Ghostface track kills that wack 50 cent garbage.

So does anybody know why 50 put this beat on his cd, like a year after Ghost?

also what could be meant by it, is he doin it to take a shot at Ghost or big uppin him or what, or is it all Buckwild's (the producer of the track) doing

Here are the Tracks for comparison:

50 Cent - I Don't Need Him

Ghostface Killah (feat. Sheek Louch and Styles P.) - Metal Lungies

Bottom line in my opinion

Ghostface Killah > 50 Cent

any true hip-hop fan or Wu fan for that matter couldn't in the right mind consider 50 Cent a credible MC, so whats up with this Jackkin for beats shit?
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