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Default Re: Best flow?

Originally Posted by CeeDub204
This was the moment I feared, I think I said that before. I think I get at what youíre saying as far as his flow remaining constant, but thatís his style. The question was best flow, I mentioned a rapper nobody had said. If you go back and listen Slick Rick constantly is switching up his flow fast and slow on the same song riding different elements of the beat. Almost anytime he takes on a different persona he changes up his flow. Come on dog you mentioned Bone Thugs, yeah they really switch their flow up, and pharoahe monch who I really really like always sticks to same flow...If your holden up the wall, then your missing the point.

Secondly big up to Masta Ace doesnt get the respect he deserves glad to see he gets some love here.
and when u mean slick switches it up do u mean when he plays with his voice to encorporate a different charachter?
Ok he does switch it up SLIGHTLY on the moment i feared but there are mcs with better flows his is more a basic flow not to say it isn't good because i like it.

oh and by the way pharoahe doesn't stick to the same flow listen to some of his organized konfusion songs like Bring it on and come back and tell me he sticks to the same flow.

still standin tall
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