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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Yeah man, same shit they talk about in fight club, kids all growing up thinking they're gonna be these big stars, find out that life sucks if you do it their way, and worse its just a stupid game that's just messing with their heads. Everyone's getting played here. But Lord you seem to know your shit, those books are all good references for people looking to figure out what the hell is really going on around them, instead of just smokin' blunts and drinkin 40's every night. Nothing wrong with hanging out and having fun, but shit, im a white boy from the suburbs and thats all anyone does. You wouldn't belive how stupid these kids are out here. No sense at all, and they're all afraid of eachother. You know? All these spoiled ass kids running around with everything they want. They expect to be able to sit around all day doing nothing, just cause mom and dad can afford all their shit. No regard for anyone else. I'm not some dumb ass wigger child doing what MTV tells me to, I like the music man, thats what its about. I wanna help the kids, like Wu does, cause they are the ones that suffer the most from all this shit. The politicians that run the citys don't care, they just want the votes. We gotta teach people the knowledge. What happened to the hip hop that cared about people? That had a message? Isn't that what hip hop is about? Cause if you can't think on your own, people are gonna come in and take advantage of you, and thats just how it is. If everyone's not gonna work together, and keep supporting all the crime, your just fucking your own neighborhood. Gotta find a more positive way to protest the BS. I'm not saying I had to grow up in all that shit, but that doesn't mean i'm gonna be an idiot like all the other dumb whiteys and ignore it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's a whole lot you can do living in situations when you have to try and have enough cash to feed yourself and your family, cause shit happens, and you gotta make ends meet, no matter what you gotta do. Sometimes they gotta come first, and I get that. The problem is when people take it too far and people start getting addicted to these dollars. Get as addicted to money as the greedy lying CEO's and shit. Why is that popular? That shit is sad, and the reason why we have ghettos in the first place. Its just them pulling more strings. I know they got the power in the recording industry, but the money is whats ruined the African people, and hell it ruined the all the people in this country, cause we've all been made into a bunch of dollar chasers, and nothings about just doing the right thing anymore. Everyone's gotta cough up 3000 dollars for some flashy rims and couple hundred for their teeth while their kids are at home eatin stale food. You know? Don't people care about shit? You can't become concieted pricks about all this, cause the kids depend on you. Shit I'm sorry for all this, and some of its not my business. I don't want to stereotype anyone, but what happend to the panthers and the people that wanted to work for eachother? Everyone's gettin' mixed up in the commercialized rap shit passed down for my suburban white moron teenager culture. Hip hop should get the community back, the real community. Cause it'd prolly fix a lotta peoples attitudes.
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