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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

I show my respects back. Let me clear one thing up. I'm a 5 Percenter. We are not racist. I don't think I'm better than you or anyone else for that matter. The 5 percenters are not pro-black/anti-white, we are pro-righteousness/anti-wickedness. In regards to our lessons saying "the original man is the Asiatic black man, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization & God of the Universe" and "the Caucasian is Yaqub's grafted devil", I stand firmly befind that 100%. However, I am not racist. We teach that b/c that is both their true nature. That is the white man's nature, but not who he is collectively. Just b/c the black man's true nature is that of peace, I'm not sayin we are all holy. As u can see, we as black & brown people are at war amongst each other daily. It's like we switched roles. The first original black people on Earth were living in peace amongst each other all over Asia (whether it was in Mecca, or southern Asia which is now called Africa, or wherever) we were at peace. Our lessons (which came from Elijah Muhammad & the Nation Of Islam) states that the Caucasian is the devil b/c the first line of white people were known to be mischivious & war makers. But if u look at it today, whites are more at peace with each other than we are with each other (even though they still make war with other nations). Thats another misconception about the 5 Percenters. We are not racist. Clearance 13X (who later changed his name to Allah, commonly known as "Tha Father") is the person who started teaching supreme mathematics in the streets of Harlem to the youth and started the 5% Nation, but he also had a white student (who's still around today). Those who wanted to be taught, he taught. Ya probably ask why I'm bringing this up. The reason is b/c this person (a white person) showed his respect towards me and I acknowledged and I showed my respects in return. Like I said to someone who PM'ed me earlier. Some of us are very proud people, if we took the time to be students of life more ofthen there would be a less hectic world right now. Self-analization is the best analization b/c you are the best judge of yourself, not anybody else. And I'm not preaching either, I'll leave that to the Christians & Muslims. I'm just droppin a little jewel. I'm not sayin lets all hold hands and sing "Peace on earth". Peace begins from within just like respect. If u dont respect yourself don't expect everybody to be respecting you. If a nigga comes & smacks me in the face, u best believe i'ma kick the nigga's teeth in. Like Raekwon said in the intro of IMMOBILAITY, "every way u walk, a nigga's gonna judge your walk, but only YOU could judge YOURSELF at the end of the day, on what the fuck is u doin."

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