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Onto yo spirit I engrave rhymes deeper than the graves of slaves/
words that adversely affect yo days and change the ways you behave/
it’s nourishment for the depraved, encouragement for the brave/
it’ll shave the face of the sea and make the moon obey the waves/
I prayed for days for enlightenment, craved a cliche entitlement/
to spray flames wit the pilot lit in this great plagued environment/
that produces Zeuses who sip juices to get loose wit Medusas/
while green spruces and grey gooses culminate to break truces/
I pray to Jesús whenever my pen calls for my attention again/
when the beat spins it’s like the ink is an extension of my skin/
an invention of my kin passed down to this chosen generation/
I’m froze in veneration of the statements in these cold revelations/
the gross denigration of nations, the consecration of conscience/
constant conflicts common to concentration camps in Auschwitz/
a sky-rocket launches, an army marches to overthrow congress/
Pontius washes his palms of all thoughts that are monstrous/
now the prophecy’s upon us, so the Prophet seems so honest/
he probly sees the farthest regardless of the blasphemy charges/
but at heart he’s an artist, the hardest to impart darts on paper/
and he’s too smart to taper off into something soft or safer/
he paid the cost to the Savior, so he’s been graced wit favor/
the maker of the street eucharist, so come taste the wafer/
savor the flavor of my flesh as you rest against my shrine/
dine on the fine flood from the vine cuz my blood is the wine...

This is the Last Supper, the Lamb has to suffer/
the last chance to sup wit the One in the upper/
room enough for brothers, sisters and mothers/
this is the truth for you, don’t listen to others...
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