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Default Re: Self Assessment...


If you are a sexy female, and you got raped 1 night out camping would you tell any1? hell yeah, but i would be like its cool though he cummed on my head and not on my lips
Wanna go camping?not really

Do you shave down south? i shaved the sides yesterday, it gets too itchy so i doubt i will anymore
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! syphilis, and gonnorea
Do you wear condoms? no, not regularly
Do you like wearing them? once in a while
Ever shagged a celebrity? haha no
Maddest place you had sex? girlfriends mom's room while she was sleeping in there
Any fetishes? yeah piss, poop, anuses so big rocks can be thrown in them

fuckin hilarious
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You jealous because i'm not nice to hoes like you are?
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Don't be complaining to me when your bitch plays your ass and takes your money.

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