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Default Re: Self Assessment...


Name? Craig
Age? Refuse to answer on the grounds it may concern me
Height? 5'11
Weight? 200 lbs
Gender? Male
Race? African American/Italian
Nationality? Guess
Hairstyle? Low cut fade
Hair Colour? Black
Eye Colour? brizown
Sexuality? Woman Only
Religion? God's
Star Sign? A queer e ous
Profession? Comerica Park - Security
Marital Status? Married to pussy
If single, do u have a gf/bf? Maybe
Children? Not that I know of
Education? grade 12 diploma

The boring stuff

U smoke? - Squares no
U drink? - Fa Sheezy
U use drugs? - Chyeah
Interests? - Bulidin my mind, plus my body
Right or Left handed? - right, but i have the ability ta masturbate wif my left
Weaknesses? - um 2 nice
Fears? - Livin this way till um dead
Ambitions in life? - Do good for myself as well as my family an friends
Physical feature yer most proud of? - Biceps an my buddy
Do u swear? - Fuck no
Do u sing? - Chyeah
Do u dance? - Hell ya
Shower or bath? - Both dependin on the female
How often do u shower/bath each day? - deuce
Do you go to a gym? - Of course
If so how many days / week? - 5 days a week

The good stuff

If u have named yer private part/s lol, whats it/they called? - Kermit
Do you masturbate? - Chyeah
How often? - Wow kinda gay
Are you a virgin? - nahhhh
If no, at what age did you get "corrupted"? - 15
Have you slept with more than 10 people? - Chyeahhhh
More than 20? Hmmmm possibly
More than 30? Prob nat
More than 40? Nah
More than 50? hell na
If more than 50, have you been tested for HIV?
Favourite sexual position? - Me on top feedin her
Ever had a 3 some? - Of coarse
Ever had a 4 some or more? - Nah
Do you enjoy roleplay? - Sometimes
Any sexual fantasies still to be fulfilled? - Nah
Ever used any toys in bed? - Nah
Own any? If yes what are they?
Favourite place to get freaky? - Anywhere
Music you bang to? - Gangsta shit
U like giving or recieving oral sex better? - Recievin of coarse
If you could fuck any woman / man in the world tonight, who would it be? - Cant choose jus 1
Do you watch pornos? - I guess when um lonely
Do you own pornos? - Nah
Would you ever do a porno? - Maybe I have
You wouldnt pussy out when you got butt naked on cam? - Hell nah
You ever been naked on a cam? - Chyeah
You ever got a chick / man naked on cam? - Chyeahhh
Do you own a webcam? hhahahaah! Just messin...
If you are a sexy female, and you got raped 1 night out camping would you tell any1?
Wanna go camping?
Do you shave down south? - Its a rumble in the jungle babay
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! - Nah
Do you wear condoms? - Sometimes
Do you like wearing them? - Hell nah
Ever shagged a celebrity? - Does a midget one count?
Maddest place you had sex? - Comerica park
Any fetishes?

The cheese

Do you want to marry some day? - Chyeah one day
Do you want kids? - Hell ya
If so how many? - 3?
Are you in love with anybody? - Nah G's Up Ho's dizown
Ever been in love? - Puppy Love
Have you ever been dumped? - Chyeah
Ever been in a proper relationship? - Chyeah
How attractive would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10? - Um like pretty boy floyd

Im curious

Do you have any pets? - My Dogz Iz My Gunz
Wit kinda animal is it? Wits the fuckers name? - Animal:Gat Name:Brrrrrrrat
Do you get on with your family? - Get it on no - Get along Chyeah
Who do you live wit? - Me Myself an Irene
Any Tattoos? - Chyeah
Where? - Across my back, On my shoulder, On my chest, Teardrop
Any piercings? - Chyeah
Where? - Ears
Can you drive? Legally? No
What do you drive? - Shoppin cart wif spinners
Have you tried sushi? - Nah
Which countries have you visited? - Canada
Which countries do you want to visit? - All of them
Which political party do you vote for? - None
Do you like giraffes? - Hell ya
Ever stole anything? - Chyeah
Ever been beaten up? - Chyeah
Ever been shot? - 21 stiches above my dick to prove it
Ever been stabbed / slashed? - Slashed
Ever beat any1 up? - Hell ya I gots a mad knuckle game
Ever shot any1? - Refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may concern me
Ever stabbed / slashed any1? - Same as the above
Whats the weirdest object you ever been hit with? - Recyclin Bin
Whats the weirdest object you ever hit some1 with? - Rake
Ever done time in jail? - Chyeah
Ever witnessed murder? - Um from Detroit
Ever seen a dead body? - Um from Detroit
U wanna? - Wanna what see a dead body? No one does


Ever had a major operation? - Chyeah
How do you want to die when your time comes? - Gunned down hollerin 7 Mileeeeee
How would you NOT wanna go out? - Drowin
What did you wanna be as a kid? - A rapper
Who do you look up to in life? - God
Any regrets in life so far? - Not goin to college
3 words that best describe you? - Short, Dark, Handsome
Do you hink Ciara is really a hermaphrodite? - Nah
Was your birth an accident? - Maybe
Do you know your father? - Nah
U sure?
Are you homophobic? - Nah
Do you accept homosexuality? - Um coo if they coo wif me bein straight
What about lesbians though? - They coo
And bi bitches? - They coo
Did OJ do it? - Helll ya
If you were on the jury would you have convicted OJ? - Chyeah
Wit about Michael Jackson? - Chyeah
If you could meet any1 in the world who would it be? - Undecided
If God gave you a new talent, wit would it be? - Ability to see the future
If God offered you an extra penis or punani would you take it? lol. - Um happy wif the 1 I got
Do you even believe in God? - Chyeah
Do you believe we re-enter this world as some1 else? - Nah
D you believe in ghosts? - Chyeah I guess
Have you ever seen a ghost? - Nah
Have you ever seen a goat? - Nah
Does Pinocchio have wooden balls man? - lol prob ill have to examine the movie
Do you want another Wu-Tang album? - Hell ya


Sports Teams? - Detroit Lion, Tigers.
Music? - Gangsta rap
Food? - Ribs
Breakfast Cereal? - Count Nigga
Ice cream flavour? - Chocolate
Clothing Labels? - Zanini
Fragrance / Perfume? - Aqua Digio
TV Show? - Sanford an son
Author? - Donald Goines
Movies? - 2 many 2 name
Actor? - Deniro, Pacino,
Actress? - I done know
Animal? - Shark
Colour? - Orange
Car / Bike? - Car
Magazine? - None
Website? -
Trainers / Sneakers? - Boots
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