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Default Re: European Football thread

Originally Posted by WU-KILLAH
I play both Fifa and PES and I think with years EA is working hard to make it better during all version of PES since the 2 are pretty similar concerning the gameplay... Fifa 2005 was already a big imrovement but it still too hard for people who only play PES where everything is assisted ... I think Fifa 2006 will worth the try, Im waiting for it more than PES as it will only be a PES 4 with few improvment ....
lol man seriously pes will and always has clowned fifa.. man i can't even be bothered to say why because it's sooo much better in every sense... no matter how hard ea work it doesn't matter they can't make football games. i clown anybody i play at 2005 because it's too easy it's not a challange. pes has evolved fifa ain't really changed all that much since 2003 the game is still the same old with the one touch feature that pes has had since the begining

honestly pes5 and i mean this feel like proper football it even makes pes4 feel cheap the game is gonna be the best football experience u can ask for.

in my honest opinion fifa lacks anything great about it always have always will lack that special thing it doesn't matter what features they add the game engine for fifa is basically a cheap version of pes engine with worse gameplay

the only reason i play fifa is when people get cocky and try and tell me they're great at it.

anyways each to their own
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