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Default Re: Shoalin Sword

I'm lurking in this forum like a virus,
First I'll cut off your tounge And dissconnect your iris,
Sheep you thought I was defeated,
You thought that I retreated,
You gonna top me You livin in a mirage,
Come on man that shit ain't even hard,
Your arms to short to box with God,
Leave that little kiddie shit on the playground,
Before you end up six feet down,
This dude pissed cause I thew his ass out,
I'll take that wak ass ryme slap it back in your mouth,
Now I really see it clearer,
Only man that get me is the man in the mirror,
So sit your little ass down you can't do this here,
While you was in class tryin to pick a carrer,
I was out counting cash drinking a beer,
I'll pierce your heat with a silver spear,
I'm through with this little game,
So Sheep fuck you and have a nice day,
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