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Nothing supreme, but something new...

Upstream like trout, while these clowns doubt my route/
they pout about the clout, adverbs and nouns that I sprout/
I’m drownin in rivers of wisdom–during the drought/
blurrin’ em out, I still stand stout while they scurry about/
spit facts so I attract the attention of e’ery curious scout/
I went toe to toe wit God–and it was a serious bout/
my theories I shout from mounts cuz I’m severely devout/
merely surmount accounts of delirium, clearin em out/
hearin em spout venom, I prevent em from treadin water/
bread and water’s all I got, so I gotta prop against the altar/
confess the falter of my culture, as the psalter is read/
I’ve offered my bed to many misled women after I wed/
wit legs spread, Delilah becomes so desirable to the iris/
become excited, cum inside it, now I’m liable for the virus/
and seeds sown outta wedlock, divorce courts in deadlock/
child support headlock cuz I can’t resist hips and dreadlocks/
I hope my next stop’s the rest stop, I can hear death’s knock/
my breath’s blocked, when I inhale I can feel my chest pop/
caress glocks as I quest blocks, asphyxiate on weed smoke/
hoes who deepthroat, I need hope, I can feel the heat close...
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