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Trumpets Blows Signs Which Most Combine With The Sword Swing
Killah Bee
Behead Emcees For Irony,
Battleground Showdown Of The Fittest,
Trumpets One Of The Fewest
Last Desciplest
Of This Era, Crafted The Flow
Four Corners In Position, Didnt You Know
Pass That ,

Im On Some Religious War Type
Bloodlines Date Back To Christ
Match The Pedegree The Fronlines Bring,
Lyrically Im Ready
War Is A Simple Enigma Battles Just Lead To Beheadings, Take Kings
History Reminds Me Of Women Ready To Sing
Excaliber Sword Swing
Medievil Past Time
Solar Eclips In Time
Freestyle Compile Signs To Your District
No Coincedence
Just Mention The Trumpets
Relieve Your Stress And Pain
With Chronic Migrains
Who Wanna Battle Come Through
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