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I spread words across tha street lyk epidemic chicken pox/
I hostage tha globe,darkness falls,eclipse dust just as tha bottom of a pot/
darkness befalls and midnight cums/masses screamin,tha lethal pestilence came from tha slums/
as i watch da world turns,doom swingin/
i incite a war,crips of blood,hedz of scores missin/
orchestra singin,releasin sounds lyk dead men yellin/
tha street mayan,brain is lyrical pagen/lyrics drop bomb digit lyk an arabian priscriptions/
mcees git missin,they git eaten by tha wild beast/gravity destruction/
tha blac drakular,i swing swords,chop hedz off wivout no reason/
lyrical dissin,words clanned wiv dymamite infusion,adrenaline cocontion...its torture/
i drag bomb shells 4rom da sky lyk magnet,then allowmassive destruction/
"I deal with tha truth and build with the youth"
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