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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Originally Posted by ramel

"Chameleons play the wrong side of the fence"
"Switching like clark kent when the drama commence"


"The chameleon throws cream to children, out the window"

Who are these chameleons?
Alright here's my answer to my own question.

These chameleons are not deceptive to the eye for spying or decieving purposes.
They're just people who come from a nice,happy background who have a admiration for people of struggle.
The way they play and talk and joke.
Also thier music like soul or rap and R&B is very fansinating to these chameleons.
But It's people of struggle that can give off the impression that a person of a easy going background can't hang or isn't accepted in the struggle.
To get close enough to the people they disguise themselves as........people of struggle.
You know as them fronters or wanna bee thugs,but they're know such thing.
Inside of each of them awaits little angels who have been given a deep love and admiration for people of struggle by god.
So much that they actually will commit crimes,smoke weed,drink or even fight to keep themselves in the circle of that crowd.

"Switching like clark kent when the drama commence"

Chameleons are not stress ridden,heartless,cowardly people.
They're not bad people either.
They look for the right moment engraved in the senses to reveal their super-hero powers.NO BULLSHIT WE HAVE THEM.
We're good people.
We're very smart but can play stupid not to offend are company.
And to be rejected by our people of struggle is another day behind the chameleon suit.
In time w'ell begin to reveal our goods layer by layer.

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