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Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
Waving the iron flag, fire on fags before i retire my rag
subscribe to magazine mags, scribing journals in Bagdad
Return to Armageddon, mind bending game got me crazy women
Winning these street wars, don't speak whores sweat me in the stores
Broads got me bored, i get groupies with no deal, or tour
Type to rob a rapper signing autographs in record stores
Wet your lord, beatdown your idols, them niggas softcore
talk raw, and get your face thrown on the grill, i do murder chores
Don't eat swine but i'm burning boars, get down on the shore
Beach is flying, i can't be faded while i'm frying
Heart of a lion, king of the jungle grinding, never trying
always violent when pressed, the wild style tyrant
you got O.C. style, simple and hardcore
The dealer of hope is selling me lies
Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)
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