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Originally Posted by King Tron 1 View Post
Yo City Seeker, Journey's didn't have them JMJ's anymore, they didn't sell so they do what the do with shoes that don't get sold. Peace
hahahah my bad bro, as i scrolled up i saw your post, i appreciate you going back to journeys to see, i knew it was too good to be true, those shoes came out a couple years ago and for 120???? thats a damn steal, im sure they put the shoes on discount and some one got them for a steal, WACK

Originally Posted by b·baby36 View Post
Waitin for my mowabb, green canvas, and baby blue canvas AF1's to arrive. Might sell a whole bunch of shit soon.
On the hunt for DQM Bacons and Clerks AM 90's, the only two sneakers I ever regret selling.

the canvas pack, imo they look really clean, i wish i hopped on them, im on the same tip as you, im selling shit like a hustler right now; shoes, clothes, scarfs etc... NICE DQM's AND CLERKS, what size do you wear i saw a couple for sale on iss, one kid was selling a worn pear of DQM for 150 no insole no brown laces but they were size 9 i believe, as for clerks, im sure youll find a pair for 100, people are flipping them like crazy and for cheap

as for me BEAUTIFUL LOSERS TOMORROW, i basically got them for 190 what a steall, will post pics as soon as i get them

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