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the black knight rides a white horse
lined and chopped fine, it snorted
both pointed (in their minds) on a righteous course
behind boards old timers crouch on porches
scorchin heat relieved briefly by pourin drinks
icy, spiked with hennessey
weezin, disease-ridden breathin
2 old enemies that can't settle things until they kill a king
one mandarin reveals his rings
building a dynasty raining fire and debris
the tyrant, an iron king, the lying thief
the dying priest confiding lifetimes of heinous crimes on lines and paper
files and ranks arranged by eights and other arthritic digits
long division gets misted by the addition of medicinal spliffs
bishops play positional games
heaters wet, beads of sweat drip from gray
ancient techniques are taken from beaten chests
each defeat a lesson, after lectures fees are collected
wirelessly connected, each is infected with virulent methods
the second linesmith's skeleton detonated
sections decimated, his lyin bitch threatened mate
dedicated linemen positioned in a dyin defensive cage
one side replied with elevated ranks
the mistress rises, silent assassinations sans traces
both old men vanish, replaced with a recognized face
divided by a sinuous line, one side white
the other colored by the blood of yang
study terrain, stomach plains, and flood caves in one day of precipitaion
done with son's games, I stun lames with sunrays
puncture names and crush frames with dusty blades
my bloody face busts racin from the stomachs of named victims
this insane system envisions us as slaves visitin
whips and chains, our own anger imprisons us
agents within slay the innocence remainin
but you pretend it's games, the matrix never existed
definitive citizens in the wickedness of Babylon
businesses experiment on denizens
troubled government representatives are bugged and listen
secret clubs speak with slugs that whistle like crickets
indicted for principles I'd die before violatin
the stone giant is patient
pacin flames sedated, embracin the trials of Satan
fiery lakes are painted from stages in shades of gray
these days you pay to play
myriad paths are paved with grave intentions
shaved thin, ranks of fake friends are eliminated
the simplest bladesmith
seperatin craniums, the ragin tempest
weep for lost babylon,
the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
bordered by a sea of faults,
fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
screaming shots, police and chalk,
wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...

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