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bowties are cool
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murkoutz shaolin monk

too many niggaz be bullshittin', frontin' how they get it and spend it
see'em in the hood, bastards be scrapin' and scrimpin'
im eattin' good, everyday is thanksgiving
satan willin', i dont gotta go back to the stealing
08' and im back in the business of handing out ass whippins
got my belt and its tougher than timberlands
off that jack and belligerent, i leave whelps on niggaz
make'em blister for remembrance
red bone prone, got your sister on da phone
putting things inbetween herself and her thong
cucumbers and shit, im the wrong
mc to fuck wit, got them bombs like kim jong
sing my songs and develop a jones
im on point like the hats of gnomes

"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"
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