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Originally Posted by portis24 View Post
your right about the patriot's and colt's and seattle although i did name them having said that the giant's are not any of those team's and i don't need to hope i know they are not going to make the playoffs.I'll give them credit they won the superbowl but don't expect anything close to that this year thier not going to be hungry anymore manning will prolly throe atleast 3 int as we give you that ass whooping
Of course I'm right. Lmaooo not hungry anymore???'re in their lockerooms or something?? Let me tell you....I follow the Giants. They are already practicing. Eli is working on getting better. So is Plax and the rest of that offense. The defense are going to be like a bunch of caged animals. They already have bulletin board material. They hear the whispers..."oh let's see if they do it again''....''they got lucky''. So yeah they are still hungry. Your team should be honored when they bow down to the champs on opening day.

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