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Default Re: Ayo what yall think of my GZA style rhymes?

Originally Posted by 100pr00f
it is weak need to come way harder to compare to gza style
aight look.

Fake niggas get fucked like pussies, prostitutes dead from uzies/
they wheezing for a life niggas, da shit is useless/
better have a condom on em, and i iant talkin 'bout fruit sex/
if not a gun in my hand fuckers, end up so toothless/
the streets is down for me, like Corleone's down for Gottie/
she gives me the food I need, results of da busy bodies/
I watch em get out they job, they children is screaming daddy/
my matic sprays them wit led, his kids dont know the hurt/
dont regognize the pain, think he in a polka dot shirt.
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