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Originally Posted by portis24 View Post
i'm not in the lockeroom but the way it sounds you are blowing them and you said they are practicing most team's are.Eli is GARBAGE there's not enough time in the sseason for him to get better and they did get lucky.nobody from the redskins will bow down to the giant's but they will take thier heads off
Lmaoo!!! Eli has a ring and made the best play in Superbowl history. They beat the Pats. Who does your team have....ummmm nothing lol. If garbage means winning then I love garbage.

Originally Posted by Dirty Knowledge View Post
^^ The Giants just owned the Pats in the Super Bowl. That wasn't good enough for ya, homie?
Word up!! Portis is mad cause his team could never do what the Giants did. The wackskins aint doing shit. They will never be anything.

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