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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Lord you're the man. I wish I could meet people who had respect for others, respect for self, and respect for knowledge like you and your group do. I agree white man is natrually the devil. I've never felt terribly in touch with my "white" self. Sometimes your personality shows more through your soul than your genetics. The black man is definately more peaceful, and the white people of america would be able to see that if africa wasn't a wasteland, and the other places housing people of darker color. Sadly in my opinion a lot of white people have had to effectively "tamed" through fear and cowardice. The African societies however, natrually reflect and respect nature as one with man, instead of seperating it as forign. They also seem to hold more moral values and open honesty. If we accept that the Divine light like ODB talks about (and shit, every religion) is simply sunlight, you could even consider it being shown genetically through the skin of the dark people by absorbing the light and turning their skin dark. The fair skinned people like me naturally reject the light by reflecting it. But this is just another idiom, because as you said before, the symbolism of this suggests tendancies, not applicable stereotypical FACTS. Judging on skin color is not appropriate, irregardless of the implications it may symbolically hold.

To ramel, I kind of feel like an idiot for what I had said. I misread the quotes and began to make assumptions. I agree entirely with your description of the "chameleons". Nothing more to say.

good topic everyone. i hope someone else can figure out some new shit for us to look at. this is a very interesting subject thats applicable to all people.
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