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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Originally Posted by LordReveal
Cuz it's not meant for everyone to get. It's meant for the seekers of Knowledge & Wisom. Eventually, those people (like us) will get it. Listen to the closing of Wu-Tang Forever. On it, Raekown clearly points out that "this is for certain people, certain supporters, certain fans", ect. Masta Killa also says a line (on "For Heavens Sake", Wu-Tang Forever, Disc 1) where he says "Observe this magnetic Attraction...", many other references of this term have been made on other songs. When the Gods say Magnetic Attraction they are referin to the knowlede they speak. The seekers of knowledge will get attracted to it regardless. RZA put it best on the song from Digital Bullet ("Show U Love") when he said "the words of wisdom is like a magnet to the ear". First u gotta do the KNOWLEDGE (meaning look, listen, & observe), then when u have applied that, it will show in your WISDOM (your wise words, ways & actions), resulting in a full UNDERSTANDING gained. And Understanding is to see things clearly for what they are and not what they appear to be. The only way u can trully see everything for what it is and not what it appears to be is thru the all-seeing-eye or your "third eye", which is THE MIND.

Keep teaching, ya'll
Why would some people strait outta the ghetto have secret messages hidden in their songs anyway?And Raekwon is just a stupid cunt who says U-God is a corny-arse and R.Z.A. the same.But my main point is why would regular hood homies have hidden messages in their songs about wisdom!?
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