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Originally Posted by P-Noid Brown View Post
yo nigga top me u been in my top for like 10 mths nigga.... yo did u check 973 chamber on my page???

oh and they shoulda left ins on the track he ripped the fuck outt dat beat.
Yo I thought you were in my tops! If you not itīs cause I had to make room for the Wu and Wu Latino peeps.

They couldnīt keep Ins on the track cause itīs a Rza track, the remix was featuring me, and the verses are 24 bars, not 16... that woulda made the song like 7mins!

I`m glad you liked it though! I donīt have your number on my cell and I was trying to call you before I even sent it to the engineers to get your feedback on it but I couldnīt find your number and that shit was buggin me out! I got my studio set up nice so I can do tracks pretty quick and send out the vocals no prob, so let me know when you ready to do somethin!
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