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Originally Posted by Professor Rino View Post
^^ok ok i can see the connection there, the philadelphia experiment - A LIE, saint peter denying jesus 3 times when the romans asked him "do you know this man" and he said "no" - A LIE, the fire in hitlers reichstag - A LIE, but what about napoleon? is he THE TRUTH?
bruh, to tell you the truth, it's like this...from what I know, simon peter denied the christ, at least 3X. more times than that for real. now, as far as the philadelphia experiment, they been trying to bury that.
...well, so...of the 4 fixed elements...uh, earth, air and fire they already had in containment, in philadelphia [pa] since 1971/1972.
now, so, napolean...made a proposition for a war, to me [13th sentry/13X'D], back in about the year 1974 is when word reached me...
...the truth though? napolean was my twin. anyway, that's cutting to the chase, open & shut. I'm just on my own kinda' shit though.
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