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a tone? that's real simple...I'm a tone, named anthony
found I was shot dead, still they couldn't cancel me
and each and every thread I sewed up handsomely
any open face with my name spit in blasphemy
wasn't much of anything, just being casual
twin be like shit gotta' be actual factual
I finish off sentences, don't even be asking you
that's just instant punishment if there's no capital
mildew, if you wet up, let it grow gradual
ambulances a li'l too late to salvage you
naw, let's move the subject to suh'm tangible
cash in a case? I'm half-way to understanding you
yacub, I'm cool, you just better handle you
I'm '76, nothing sweet like danish food
born anthony chris, so the heat can damage dudes
like sick s.p. animals with sig s.p. cannon tools...

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