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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

u gotta understand that not everyone is on the same wave length tho. Im not tryin to disrespect u but your'e 15 right? Certain people grow outta shit & others don't. Alot of these rap niggaz aint men and u could see it b/c of the frame of mind theyr'e on. I study Etimology (which is the study of the root or origin of a word, traced to the beginning). I have an Etimology dictionary. The word man is traced to the word MIND. That is the origin of the word man. There is definitely NO DOUBT (there shouldn't be) that what ultimately makes a man is his mind. A God once told me "I could know a 13 year old MAN, and know a 30 year old KID". What he was tring to tell me was that what makes a man is his mindstate and not his physical age. (PEACE to the God Infinite Mind Allah for droppin that jewel on me). (BTW, a good book to read is "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen). There are certain people that go thru trials & tribulations and learn from it the first time. Then you have people who go thru shit again, again & again and gain nothing from it because they didn't see the blessing in disguise. Alot of these rap niggaz are like that. I dont think Wu are just some "hood homies" (lol) as u put it. Im not saying this cuz I'm a 5 Percenter either. To put it nicely Wu-Tang and 50 Cent don't belong in the same sentance nor category.
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