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ChristO crouching tiger
Default catching up to the 42

lol, I'm a' die laughing, heel heal
nevermind faggots, niggas born has-beens
22 months deep, 20 more months left
last weekend, homicides up, more dead
eye of the storm shit, earthquakes and all that
china syndrom shit, u.s. trying a' calm that
who outta'-pocket though?
I'm 'bout to have skulls and crossbones outta'-socket though
all up in Iqra trying to copycat
to settle up in my people language? I'm not for that
real serious, who sirius give birth to
9-11? man, the truth will hurt you
I walk outside, 6's on cheekbones
shii....those are tears of judas...keep on
playing at ya' own risk, exposing christ/body
all premature like your life's alright by me...

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