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Originally Posted by benzo View Post
Hatton's agrressive hit/clinch method will fuck up Pauli's gameplan bigtime. Paulie has no KO power and he'll be looking to score from the outside rather than infighting. Hatton will simply pull him into a dogfight/clinchfest where he'll be able to land the harder shots en route to another UD win. I got Cotto's body attack breaking down Margarito. I like Margarito but he doesn't attack from body to head, he just head hunts mostly. I don't see that being effective in the fight because Cotto's proven his chin to me now.
Co-sign, if Hatton were to face Malignaggi, it'll be Cotto vs Malignaggi all over again. Hatton is and elite fighter, and on top of that Maluignaggi doesn't do well against bulldog fighters, and Hatton has proven his stamina, he is relentless when the fight gets into his hands. Malignaggi wouldn't last and he's out of his damn mind calling him out... He's just gonna embarass himself again. Think of it, after that Cotto fight which left him with a bad cut, broken jaw, and fucked up nose, and after the N'dou fight, which made him look completely stupid, he will probably go into hiding after a Hatton fight and pull a Naseem Hamed.
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