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Originally Posted by born invincible View Post

you can try Ron's way.... LMFAO!!!

when i want a to get a silhouette... i use the the threshold tool. just go to image > adjustments > threshold.. then adjust the slider. with some images you can get a complete silhouette... others you may have to fill in the black in some spots.

if it comes out choppy... do what Ron said and zoom in real close and trace the whole image withe polygonal lasso tool... the select inverse and press delete. takes some practice but its not that hard and you can snag some nice results.

hope that helps!!!
I'm coming in extremely late here.

IMO, the very best way to get a silhouet is to use the free hand pen tool.
You'll need to learn to get the hang of it, but it gives the best results.
No choppyness, no jagged edges etc....

Just make a selection around the figure you wanna make a silhouet of, and fill it in with whatever color.
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