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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

The fuck is this shit?!? a foam toothpick

this is the shit you give me to get sick wit?

Im the L.G.S. as you might guess

yes yes ......... its another fine mess

grab you by your collar while you brushin yo teeth I mean tooth

oops its the hundred proof you turn around IM GONE !! **poof**

shadowy mutherfucker creepin and duckin

shadowy "muther fucker" cuz its your mom i be fuckin

kick you in your junk bring in the funk

to the dome with the foam

your life is over no more internet to roam

your life flashes by and you realize you've been all alone

Life giving sword 5000 years old taking your soul

death dealin blades 1000 deadly slaps put you in a hole never to relapse

now breath out your last breath ....

breath in now relax..

"It id missing the point to think that the sword is solely in cutting a man down. It is not in cutting people down; it is in killing evil. It is the stratagem of killing the evil of one man and giving life to ten thousand." - Pg.72 Death Dealing Sword. < Life Giving Sword >

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