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Default 271 homicides [on-record]

now I'm contemplating riding in a lexis
mind's debating a war that look senseless
on the surface, but it's endless
shii, I'm being born as I'm cummin' to my harem
nobody getting in that ain't knowing my own grammer
heel heal, as it relates to my achilles
as it is I am esau/isa, the snake was on my heel
and...shii, but as I understand it, let God be the judge
my hands been on the 9 and 11, let mine be the grudge
and if the women [womb] still dancing to the sun, I be the one
that ain't having much of bitches passing me by for them
if it gotta' be what it gotta' be
don't get sucked in by the groupies
'cause we deaf ears to all the pleas
basically then, who killed me in mlk
and why they tear down mlk on 13th St.
I'm writing in red, where's the money on my books now
271 homicides the year I was took down
the mathematics is sickening
average niggas went the way of the do-do, history
napolean with red and blue soldiers in his baby pin
since '74 trying a' bust out of my pen?
shii, think I should share all of my script with y'all
this is an open-and-shut case
I'm hip to y'all... many decades it take to get rid of y'all
since then...until 2006, what you really on
I said if you want what's y'alls then we can war
basically, own up to your own shit, or that's on y'all
reached out before reaching in? I'm ahead a' y'all
dead before you even started, I'm a' get at y'all
3.5, my 36 closed...all the doors
look, I'm from the state of key, stoned since I was born...

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