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....morning of 4.16.07, some pussies tagging about mind control and shit
...after I sent sam a cd about how I’m controlling shit
got off my bus, on a truck, radio pronouncing
33 dead off of a south korean patsy
shit, wait ‘til I catch up to ‘em, how I found them sneaks
to waste ‘em, like ketchup they blood and the ground’s the beef
not safe from either me or the company I keep
closed movie set, 3.5 millimeter’s the heat
I seen bey on 106 & park, yeah, he’s with me
but the apb out on 2.13’s not new to me
luci [twin] told young gunner give this warning to the angels
we tried to hold off the war, but they dough thin on the bagels
I mean, where’s the cream’z think we some cream cheese
type a’ niggas...screaming give up the guns? you inviting niggas?
so, I caught up to michael [archangel]...blind as a fuckin’ bat
‘cause the mic been having me [gab’] wanting to grind it to a bat
fuckin’ faggoty-ass, I like women, you maggoty bastid’
I got you sized up again for a raggedy casket
are you even my friend, you rascally has-been
before you know it...shii, ‘cause I’ll mangle a passage
wherever you going, better know I’m on ya’ ass quick...
acid-II-dust wholy drug war ‘til you ask me
what-the-fuck’s going on? you couldn’t hack me, pal
valentine massacre? r.i.p. to my nigga al’?...

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