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Originally Posted by .5KutSkeleton View Post
driven infinite distances
by an addiction to swift penmanship
blackened lips crack and split when I attack this script
first to spit and last to split
casually tip ashes spilt on my casualty's caskets
foul, I bleed black ink rapidly
black steeds travel the middle passage
cracked, savage and foreign
peasants lack the courage to grasp thorns
imagine thoughts formed
glass shattered when this dart was born
trapped and torn, Judas adapted by mornin
stood back and laughed at the fools in black mournin
his fuel, a bloodstorm stored within
breath stinkin of red drinks
he unleashes the forces of sin, Kut is in alignment. this al-jihad martial art. this far as I [a tone] got on second page so far. yeah, it's the shit I'm on. shit like the furnace heat abraham had to escape from. pardon self, I even had to atone from self, if s.p. [south philly] was right about me.
judas adapted by mourning...real ill. christ/body shit...a bloodstorm stored within...counter, no more blood to leak from the body [christ/body]...he [judas] unleashes the forces of sin...word IS bond, as al-jihad [cleansing] lives. I know wut I know. pandora's box verses the game theory...I'm over here from philly, I got the illa' nois. my boy told me I [Arm-One, 1KH] was getting good response in Chicago [about 2003/2004]. the Kut is live. the buildings up...
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