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Originally Posted by ChristO View Post
....ChristO, south philly 2-4...local 1971, son/sun...aqua bookie...linked up in the Win' [wynnefield]...luciano my twin...G.O.D. is me and my fam'. philadelphia, I x'd cain already...the 13th sentry/13X'D...
1993-2012'd be a squeeze. michele nostradamus wrote suh'm about it, in a quatrain of his, what-they-call-it. I take it from the beatles to the bees I been battling to reach, since I got back home [philly]. 2-4, aka planet jupiter, rules material and riches. I might have the drop on who john the baptist is. maybe.
movie idea for 2001 [out in 1969, director stanley kubrik]...yeah, then on the seventh month [september] it was apparent..., aqua bookie, being aquarius, I'm the author...wv, if they can't find willie lynch, what niggas thinking...homicide 336, 2005...then a "yah'mean". since philly wasn't identified as the source a' that, I'd put traps on the groupie chicks. dumb bitches, don't know me? like where the-fuck they minds is, as if they ain't gotta' give the bush up to me. such-and-such a time to come with the shit before I'm up in ya' shit. like, I had enough of the shit. the 5th done dipped to the 6th. a full-fledged half-ass exodus from the stress of this. yeah, but when God brings israel's people back into captivity of they origin...what then...
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