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Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
Pshhh.. I had this album for a while..I'll rate it.
Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
01 : Intro

02 : One Step ft. Tekitha & Hell Razah

Nice start to open up a good album. Priest is dropping knowledge, what we all need to hear but this is only a preview of whats to come, the beat is nice and calm, no complaints. 4.5/5

03 : Blessed Are Those
To tell you the truth i never really felt this track at all. The beat is boring to me, lyrics are on point though, just not really interested in this track right here though. 3/5

04 : From Then Till Now
Ok, now the album is back on track, Priest goes right in as soon as the beat drops, starts it off real crazy "
Guns, shootouts and crack sales,Black males who pack jails, trapped in hell,No peace, cold streets, surrounded by po-lice,this whole week, buildings with no heats,No lights, the gas pipes the snow leaks,Dog fights and lowlife throw dice the whole night,Thieves, creepinin the midnight evenings, saw through the misty regions" Priest speaks truth on here, shit gets crazy on this album, beat is mad nice too. 4.5/5

05 : Cross My Heart ft. Inspectah Deck & GZA
This is a crazy joint too. The beat is mad nice and then Priest goes in wild "I roll with thristy niggaz, thieves and killaz, tigers gorillaz, faces like godzilla, who stomp rappers that smile like a card dealer" . Inspectah Deck follows up with one his classic guest apperance "Ghetto resident, quick to past tense ya present" and Gza is the icing on the cake with his opening bars "High ranked officials and armed tanks with missles blood drizzle, simple fact, you slept on the issue, that before you started jerkin off joysticks and Sega, I was rocking off 100 watt amps in Cerwin-Vega's" that shit was ill... this is some classic material. 5/5

06 : Fake MC's
I'm feeling this more as I hear it, He's kind just talking but rapping at the same time, he just exposing fake mc's on this track. My favorite line is "And y'all can be off to see the wizard,The wonderful Wizard of Oz, which are the A&R's And you and Toto, doin promos, along with the Scarecrow,You will see no dough" lol... 4.5/5

07 : It's Over
I'm feeling this beat right here and how he tries to flow on it, his flow is kind of off but I still like how this track turned out. I love how he ends the track also "Ya career is now Finished!" 4.5/5

08 : Crusaids - Skit

09 : Tai Chi ft. Hell Razah, 60 Second Assassin & Father Lord

I wanna give this track a 5/5 so bad but 60 Sec. is so wack on this joint. His flow is just horrible on this joint, the beat is classic and i just zone out on it, Hell Razah comes in and just smashes it with ease "We building projects and pyramids Evil kid, I destroy your ass like London Bridge, Smoke trees of weed, take off the leaves out the twigs, Pure truth is what I got to give A lot to live for, you ain't rich before poor,It ain't peace without war, how would stand without a floor?"
, then 60 Sec. comes in and it sounds so bad, even Priest couldn't save the track, I like his part though "
Walking through the penile glands
Like it was an un-foreign land
Knowledge is the key to the mind which is a mysterious doorway
Through a long dark hallway
Use your conscious as a compass to avoid being conquered by nonsense
Use your subconscious as a map
Once it's time to head back
Use your food for thought and leave bread tracks
Now we can see with the third eye
Swift as your bird fly
Using commonsense as a detour
Up ahead there lies three doors, for you to see more
You might have to meditate to the soft melodies from a keyboard
Understanding is your flashlight
It reflects the windows to your past life
No psychiatrics could raise you from off the mattress
As you fall deeper and it's hypnotized
You better read my lips 'cause that's the guide
Out the hallways of negative which is always competitive
Therefore, you must never let it live"
..... 4/5

10 : Heavy Mental
I know this is a skit but Priest be going off on here...........

11 : If You Don't Know ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard
I'm definitely feeling this track right here, the beat is mad nice and Priest comes in dropping the heat, the hook with O.D.B. is just classic, nothing else you could ask for. 5/5

12 : Atoms To Adam ft. Shangai The Messenger
At First I wasn't really feeling this joint but Priest is going off on this joint I don't even know where to start, i'mma just pick somewhere Random "

Ahhh, principalities enables me to see the other galaxies
Releasing all calories, backed eight author, writers and eulogies
I'm the author and the writer of a biography with God prophecies
And challenged Egyptology philosophies and Greek mythologies
Going through the glossaries of Socrates with Pharisees and Sadducees
Going through genealogy with degrees, I contact the Hasmonean dynasty
Approximately 168 B.C.
Transform from the Wu Killa Bee into the families of the Maccabeez
I can see every species in 3D and hear them clear as CDs
During my pilgrimage I walked through the wilderness
I had the privilege the see the pyramids
Which gave me the will to live
To roam through the villages and heal the kids
Walk across a bridge strong as Farrakhan
As a voice echo like Saravan across the great Amazon
Stretching out my hand like Yon 'til it reach Babylon
Behold the psychic phenomenon, quiet storm
I wander out on the horizon from the top of holy Mount Zion
Holding a staff then turned into a python, Killah Priest the living icon
Sitting in the form of a pentagon in the centre of the octagon
Walking from Tyre to Sidon, to Lebanon, to the walls of Hong Kong
Reciting the 23rd Psalm, long gone before the crack of dawn
Dodging and weaving through the Garden of Eden
Without even speeding, bobbing, lobbing, revolving all regions"
Ohh shit! 5/5

13 : High Explosives
This is an good track, kind of slow but still good, nothing really too special about it. 4/5

14 : Wisdom
This joint is short and sweet, the beat is crazy on this one right here, I love the jewels he's spitting on here, couldn't ask for anything more. 4.5/5

15 : B.I.B.L.E.
We all know about this track already, Pretty good Priest drops mad knowledge on this joint, so much shit combined into one track, this is a crazy track. 4.5/5

16 : Mystic City
I like the beat on here, Priest goes in and the hook does it for me "where do we go from here, after the storm is clear?" I love how Priest send s his messages out to the masses. 4/5

17 : Information
Not really feeling this shit, he's predicting alot of shit on here...those years have already passed us, maybe half that shit happened already. 3.5/5

18 : Science Project ft. Hell Razah
Beat is crazy, I love the horns on here with the thunderstorm effect, classic storytelling by Priest, another hood opera, Hell Razah on the hook is a great addition too, he always comes correct on them. 4.5/5

19 : Almost There

Priest' flow is kinda off on this one right here, but you can still catch what he's bringing to you, beat is nice too. Priest taking listeners to higher levels with this one right here. 4.5/5

20 : The Professional
I'm wasn't really feeling how this track ends the album, I thought he should've chosen a better track to end off the album, the track isn't bad but not all that great either. 3.5/5

Lyrics - 5/5
Beats - 4.5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

At first I wasn't really feeling this album, but now Priest has creeped up in my Wu-Tang top 5. He is so deep on this album and you catch something new every listen, his flow needs work on here though and some tracks might be slow ,but the production goes with the flow of the album aswell. ****Overall 4.5/5**** ****Certified Wu-Classic****

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