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Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
It's like '86, Magic Johnson, no disrespect
My metaphors'll keep out The Projects
Rap connects'll keep me correct
Eh yo, I wrote this on Donnie roof
After his funeral, on one knee
Thinkin his killer's followin me
So to my nigga Donnie, up there
Can you please tell God that we fucked up here?
We got beer, weed, guns, AIDS
All these obsticles, it's hard to make it nowadays
Watch the Devil in it, some say it's our fault
If that's the answer, you know smokin can cause cancer
Let me drop a bracelet, leave a chain behind
My tape stay at the beginnin cuz that's how they rewind
Y'all know how we dine, we don't eat swine, and we don't drink wine
If you don't bring me some motherfuckin cognac, I kill you
I can't feel you
Ain't in my senses, and you ain't in my dollars
I fuck with rockwilders, no leashes, no collars
Brolic scholars, that's Ghost Deini!

Yeah it's pretty weak and flows horribly if I remember rightly.

Haven't listened to SC in a while.

Definitely not top 101.

When I look at the tracks posted some are not in the same league as others, IMO.

Raw Hide, Severe Punishment etc, would not be fucked with by tracks like Gravel Pit or Fam Members Only, in any list of mine.

Oh yeah, forgot to say MAD PROPS on the list dude.