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Originally Posted by .5KutSkeleton View Post
like ketchup they blood and grounds the beef...

dough thin on the bagels...

acid II dust wholy drug war til you ask me...

that's serious there.
...yeah, that joint, man, I coulda' been schizzin' out that morning of 4.16.07. rest in peace to those that got deceased, on that campus in Blackburgh, Virginia. and so they Chose I Hung as the patsy [committer of the deed]. all I can say is, violations ain't unseen by the higher courts. but exerpts in the bible got me calm on that.
it'd be my responsibility to warn thee angels of suh'm. the top angels is michael and gabriel. gabriel would be sounding the trumpet. against the angel lucifer and/or against the legion. michael is [and been] in a state of confliction about now, diagnosed bi-polar so-they [doctors]-say. that was acid II dust. I impart that to you bruh, 'cause you asked. II is gemini, say the sign that the u.s. is under, so I read. acid II dust is lucifer [sad], angel of light, verses gabriel [gae], or God's word, on the mic [michael]. this open-&-shut.
...every situation I present is played out like a money situation. that right there, I posted up in a process of calling out Isreal [hip-hop] goes suh'm like that.
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