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Default suh'm about a carpenter

...on t.v. I got a message, it said “welcome to the mainstream”
yeah, I was schizzing, more realer than a daydream
yeah, I was into being the same, couldn’t change me
wv emblem popping up, saying they can name me
so I’m like go ‘head, protecting my neck about it
this is some real shit, you should know that dance about me [being born]
mugs couldn’t advance without me, but take they chance without me
around here, but then wonder why the world keep ‘em canceled, aki
wanna’ push they accents now to country grammer, aki
but I’m battling snipes, it ain’t alright, get hammered
akis know suh’m about a carpenter, but no answers popping
about a carpet with lumps, rolled up, a vanished body
I used to think that’s common place out a face
and that was before this rap façade hit the waves
I still move with ‘em, groove with the few living
wanna’ move? can’t keep you, but how is you reppin’
I don’t even like shit I can’t put a claim on
like I’m a slave owner, freedom’s a graveyard
yeah, I got family health benefits weaved into script
and life insurance plans how the streets need to submit
to me though...heard suh’m slick from the lip of nero
couldn’t find my achilles though? bitches should see me though
shii, all-talk is all I [the word] need to be though
not passing the guns to me? yeah, I’m a’ see, bro
this king david over here, grounds sacred over here
tresspass to get stripped buck-naked over here
fall back, I’ll bust the jizz on a whole beauty pageant
booties fat, and my pool stick hit every crack
this the pivot point, I cut to the chase with it
my word’s truth, see how I was up in your face with it...

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