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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

When it's time for you to go, how would you feel?
Would you kneel down and pray to god?
or would you keep it real, and give the nod.
Paintin' the picture, I emphasis death in the scripture,
My soul is sold, Once secured like a fixture.
But since death is at the doorway, no need to keep him waiting,
open the door, felt a sudden chill, followed by my mind fading.
Dream's past, vision's so real, it distorted my reality,
then shortly followed by the ever dramatic fatality.
Is there a heaven or hell?, I don't really know where i'm going,
without guidance, I'll drift into limbo without even knowing.
Follow me on this journey, through the vision's to come,
I've seen death through my own eye's, and it's yet to even begun.
Seen heaven and hell, everyone has, but no need for praying,
just burn out my candle, and prepare my after life before the decaying.

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