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ChristO crouching tiger
Default serial I have israel closing the ranks on odunde
I’m walking up on imbeciles with bank rolls to hand to me
as God’s breath, I breathe down they necks “give it up, keep it moving”
when it’s the time, soon I’m in complete control of the sunnis
shii, just pass 7.2 X 5 virgin girls to me
drama? I ain’t got the time to go through it, virgo girl’s screwy
I got the pics, but I ain’t posting ‘em on the net
the chewy is what I wanted, she gave it up, not a sweat
sue me?
no cash for you to collect, roc [me...jehova fo’ real] matching a roc
on a rock [peter, rockerfeller laws don’t apply here]
white wanna’ settle in iqra, iraq
the price of gas? not even an issue, just a distraction
what shell won’t sheol do for mine or the christ’s passion?
look, I’m cummin’ to my harem, whether or not
men wanna’ step aside as I fit in my [the father] slot
as I said, I’m a’ be born, king david was
in ’28, but now I’m born inertia [detstroyed energy], my word born to hurt you’z
christ come as the anti, swords to earth or unearth you
IsReal thinking to push me to murder
sug&puff’s treaty not acknowledged on my premises
and I guess that makes serial more my interest
see, if the building ain’t right, I’m in the cut looking at guns
my fingers ain’t touch, bodies still on each one
amen is my aiming, more precise with each day that, uh,
luci wanna’ battle me with judas iscariot...
best to back off a’ any of my disciples, twin
shii, wanna’ be a lifer or lifeless then
man, I know how to smoke cush, my 36th closed
my ally got the memo from a righteous man...

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