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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
now let me start with saying, you and sunny are the ONLY two to call me annoying.
i'd be annoyed, i guess, if someone came in here and knocked my out of the dominant spot and reduced me to calling them big brother. but then again i'll NEVER know.
sunny is annoyed because he has one preconcieved notion of who i am "bougie" but is so far off that its hard for him to see past the smooth taste.

won't let things go....says the guy who has his comments and complaints on repeat and has gone as far as making individual threads to highlight the same parrot speech he has been spouting for the past 6 months.

now as to my world.....

i am all about results. my father always says "insanity is repeating the same method but expecting different results"

if jesus gets you to act right (loving productive humanistic creative) then do that shit. same can be said for gaia, jehova, yaweh, jah, allah, buddah, lao, ra, the witch of the west, the flying spaghetti monster or einstien.

who am i to tel you your life is a lie if you are better at being a human than i am or at least the same level of humanity.

to each his own.

just follow the golden rule, it pretty much covers it all.

i believe that each "race" is different in ability and characteristics which manifest in the physical form. its like an ox and a yak are in essence the same animal but not really.

melanin is found in every organism on earth. the benefits of melanin, beyond skin care, have been proven time and time again.

i can go into melanin and it's psychoactive effect if you want me to.

so in my view the "more melanin the more prone to humanistic behavior".

so in the spectrum of melanin...the more black you are the EASIER it is to be humanistic.

"whites" have proven to me, that if left to their own devices, they will destroy other cultures until they are left with their own. then they will proceed to destroy themselves.
history has shown this to be true.

where has the european gone and acted philanthropically? i mean as a nation/culture.


so yeah race matters but not really.

its all bullshit. small gov is best IMO. the larger the gov, the more red tape, the more laws, the less freedom.

the present:
we are at a crossroad. better yet we are in a transition that will polarize the world as we know it. and when i say polarize i mean the core of human civilization, beyond politics, religion, culture or race. i'm talking good and evil.

but a single match can chase darkness out of a room. so there is always HOPE.

the future:

i'll stop here.

any questions?
so what are the attributes of natives asians and whites given their body build
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