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thats my wife. idk what he's getting at considering he posted a pic of a crack whore and said it was his girl.....but anyway.

you are stuck on powers. who said powers? you completely ignored my commentary on everyone has the capacity for good and evil.

melanin and the pineal gland which is the center for don't read so...

everything has a vibration. the pineal gland is a receptor for those vibrations. it also regulates biorythm. all this equates to harmonious living/attuned to the world.
evil is in conflict with harmonious living.

most natives are dead and their history gone with them since it was spoken. if someone wants to enighten me with native history than by all means....

you seem to equate domination with godliness....
if i kill you does that make me a better person?
if you study and get a b+ and i cheat and get an A, am i smarter?
if i rob get the picture.

this euro dominated world has its cosequences which are just starting to emerge.
namely the toll on the environment, the destruction of the family and the deterioration of communituy.

yes TSA biolically you are prolly superior in terms of potential due to your melanin richness. but you are white and creamy on the inside and taste great when dipped in milk.
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