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I agree with melanin playing a role.... But i dont see it being some ultimate thing that controls everything. Theres other things to Pineal Gland also.

.....And i dont see any "Scientific" debate with all the things that are put down to metaphors. Since they only reflect reality. Theres nothing we can do about it, we cant touch it, u know what i mean...?

"The less melanin in an individual, the more calcified the pineal gland and less access the individual has to the spiritual world."

VS !

"Fire was not god an element created by god; Because of their natural cold and hostile environment, they developed materialistic religion or spirituality, and saw fire as a savior, deliverer from the cold"

Those are all good insights.. But who is the judge? Are those things against each other ultimately?

Beside the worshipping of Fire happened in Central Asia.... are they considered "White"?

Are u familier with the Time concepts? Since i see even more bigger "conflict" in nature of the different latitudes..

light/dark is what affects the system also(pineal gland),,,

In Equator the cycle of day and year is more constant than in northern latitudes (in terms of Lightness and Darkness)... That must explain something.

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