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if everyone adopted american ideology and economic system.....

1st it can't happen because our system only works when other nations are under foot.
2nd our economy is partly based off of war profiteering. how is that a good thing?
3rd we are babies in the whole scheme of things and we are already in decline.

race "powers".....

whites see things through a leftbrained lens. everything must be concrete and objectified. they rely on and learn from externals (tools, machines, western medicine, other people)

this is good for western science. but western science hit a roadblock when they tried to unify the 4 forces of the universe into a single equation. to truly unify them you must consider the 5th force, the mind.

mind over matter is an eastern concept.

blacks and the rest of the melaninated world see things through a right brained lens. everything is everything. they learn from and rely on the internal, spirit.
this is good for creativity spirituality intuition.

few people have found an equilibrium between the left and right brain.
egyptians did. the marriage of mind/body/spirit/science/religion/philosophy is echoed throughout their culture.
this is how they were able to master mathematics, architecture and science.

the reason we, as black americans, are obsessed with claiming black achievements......

because we have been told:
we ain't shit but monkeys/slaves.
the current state of africa is how it always was.
black folks aren't capable of greatness and are inferior.

so we have to remind ourselves and others "hey a black person did this/that"

now b4 you fuck up what i just wrote let me add that everything is a spectrum. there are no absolutes. tsa for example tries to fit my posts into a category or make it a rule. this is a left brained process.
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