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bowties are cool
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murkoutz shaolin monk

word to my granny betty, put up some fetti and its a bet
flex the dialect wit every sentence grimier than the next
out of respect for opposition i stay at least arm distance
cause i choke mics and necks is like them so my hands dont know the difference
you could be big pimpin', stackin' cake from rock dealin'
matters not when the beat drop, be another murkoutz victim
plain and simple, my style cripple like nick hogan in a rental
murder mo official, i see the bitch in you like yentl
ask ya kin folk bout the lyricist with words thats to big to mince
i make ripples that turn to tidal waves, wetting all the innocent
bystanders, i set the standard every time i think about new shit
niggaz is followers, what if weezy was jumping off a cliff
that'll be a trip, teens today dont even fuck with common sense
and call me a rap geek cause i beat anything my nigga common spit
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"
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