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Originally Posted by Trismegistos View Post
Ok, that person has a skin tone similar to an african american yet it is a lighter tone than the darkest that I have seen.

I've lived in a desert climate and my skin is not burnished bronze.

I agree that people get too caught up in race though, it still does not eliminate the fact that a reference to skin tone was made.
-Have you ever looked at an Arab? The ancient Hebrews (and up until the time of Jesus when they were mixed with Mediterraneans and other races) were Semitic just as modern Hebrews are. Arabs are dark- some as dark as the darkest Africans- yet they are not "black" in the sense that they are not of sub-Saharan African decent. Indians in general are dark, and some as dark as the darkest Africans, but they have straight hair.

Dark skin does not make you black, and being Hebrew does not make you special...
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