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Originally Posted by Trismegistos View Post
I don't necessarily agree with your argument on that one. I am white and yet believe that the original Israelites were black.

I do not have low self-esteem due to my colour, nor have I been oppressed, nor have I been exposed to being brainwashed into believing that the original Israelites were black.
-Noone is denying that the Hebrews were dark, brown, tanned, and light brown. To say "black" in general is accepted as saying "of African decent". To say the Hebrews were of African decent- especially basing these theories on the bible as the Black Hebrew Israelites do- is to affirm some aspects of the bible, while denying actual factual historical aspects- like the fact that the Hebrews are ancient decendants of Iraq- check, Abraham migrated to Canaan from Ur of the Chaldeans (Ur is the site of ancient Babylon and is described as being between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, also where the Garden of Eden is supposed to be located- the site of modern Baghdad).

To say the Hebrews were black is to deny the fact that some 85% of the ancient peoples mentioned in the Old Testament were some kind of "colored" as the white folk would say. "Colored" does not signify "of African decent"...

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