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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
-Noone is denying that the Hebrews were dark, brown, tanned, and light brown. To say "black" in general is accepted as saying "of African decent". To say the Hebrews were of African decent- especially basing these theories on the bible as the Black Hebrew Israelites do- is to affirm some aspects of the bible, while denying actual factual historical aspects- like the fact that the Hebrews are ancient decendants of Iraq- check, Abraham migrated to Canaan from Ur of the Chaldeans (Ur is the site of ancient Babylon and is described as being between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, also where the Garden of Eden is supposed to be located- the site of modern Baghdad).

To say the Hebrews were black is to deny the fact that some 85% of the ancient peoples mentioned in the Old Testament were some kind of "colored" as the white folk would say. "Colored" does not signify "of African decent"...
The parts I've highlighted are correct.

Historians agree that the ancient inhabitants of Iraq were black.

Abraham is an ancient inhabitant of Iraq.

Now if I add your statement of "the Hebrews are ancient decendents of Iraq..."

...That would mean they are black.


Now on some otha shit:

...regardless of the physical appearance of the present day descendants of the ancient Phoenicians, recent genetic research in the Middle East and North Africa seems to confirm the indigenous African origin of their ancient ‘ethiopic’ forbearers.

In the year 2004 the national Geographic reported that two or more “African” chromosome groups (M89 & M172) had been found in the populations of today’s “Phoenicians” (people living from Gaza to Turkey). (5)

The first chromosome from continental Africa (M89) dates back to about 45,000 years ago. This would match an initial grand migration of populations out of Africa into the Middle East and Asia. The second is a more recent African marker which is called M172, and that dates back to just 12,000 years ago; which could lend support to the tradition of secondary waves of migration from the Red Sea area of Africa to the Levant...

...However, recent archeological discoveries have shown that for the most part the ‘Canaanites’ and the ‘Phoenicians’ constituted a single nation. For that reason it should be made very clear that the ancient Canaanites and the people who are called Phoenicians were essentially one and the same Afro-Asiatic people.

...For the greater part of their history, the Phoenician Kena’ani were very closely allied to Egypt. For one thing they both seemed to have originated from the same part of the African continent. In many ways therefore, it was a fraternal alliance with a record of contact stretching back to the earliest beginnings of both societies...

...According to Egyptian traditions the first Egyptians called themselves ‘Anu’ or ‘Ani’. They indicated they were originally a colony of Kushites (i.e. ‘ethiops’) from southern Nubia (Sudan) who migrated north down the Nile River Valley to the delta region with their cattle...

...“Eur-ope” translates from Greek as “broad-face”. Some would argue this is additional proof of her ‘ethi-opic’ or African connections since broad faces are hardly a common feature among people of so-called Semitic, Indo-Scythian, or Caucasian origin...

Blacks are the originators...
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