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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
-Do I need to show facts- or can it be logically accepted as common knowledge- that the Hebrews were Semitic? Compare them to other Semitic peoples, and tell me they are "of African decent". They are not- yet they are of color...

You speak with no evidence. Speaking of common knowledge, are u aware of the fact that it was once "common knowledge" that "the earth is flat"?

I have already provided a statement and a link prooving the ancient Hebrews were black!!!

You seem to not want to accept the truth.

Your mind has been effectively and thoroughly "whitewashed".

-Bro I am from Loiza, Puerto Rico- don't talk to me about pride, comfort, and knowing my place in history. My hometown still upholds the traditions of our African ancestors while most people who talk of "black Hebrews" only know some "swahili" and "kwanzaa" because they've lost their original culture. I don't have to be convinced to be proud of my Africanness because I am supposedly a decendant of some other culture in which I have no interest or genetic ties to. I have sufficient pride in my being black because I am of Nigerian/Yoruban decent, rather than lying to my DNA because I attribute some kind of special place in history, religion, or logic to Hebrews over ANY African culture.

When did I mention pride and comfort?

Why are u so defensive and telling me your ethnic backgrounds?

This is the basic problem with Judaism and Christianity- they apply to God traits of racism, favoritism, and childish carnal vengeance that defeats the purpose of believing in a higher being. My God is not an idiot, and much less is he a little boy on the internet to be worrying about what color the Hebrews were, or wether they are of African decent.

How did God and religion get into this?

These are the same idiots who claim Cleopatra- a Ptolemeic Pharaoh and direct decendant of Greek/Macedonian Kings and Generals- was black, even when the Egyptians themselves were not! What pride is there for people of African decent to believe that this whore was of our blood?

Yes there was a time when the Euro-savages invaded Egypt, but the original inhabitants were black:

According to Egyptian traditions the first Egyptians called themselves ‘Anu’ or ‘Ani’. They indicated they were originally a colony of Kushites (i.e. ‘ethiops’) from southern Nubia (Sudan) who migrated north down the Nile River Valley to the delta region with their cattle.

These are the same people that claim that John Hanson- the first man elected President of a loosely formed confederation of states in America- was black, and was the first President of the US (both untrue). What pride is there for people of African decent to believe that this dickhead who had slaves, ran a racist government that kept blacks oppressed for hundreds of years after his death, and barely gets any mention in history books was of our blood???

You went off topic!

There are the same fools that would have you believe that King James I- King of Scotland, King of England, first King of the United Kingdom- another racist pig, a religious extremist who oppressed dissenters and sanctioned the rule of intolerant clerics, and writer of the most biased translation of the bible in existence (though eloquently poetic when compared to most others- hence his association with Shakespeare) was black??? Why would you be proud to be anything like these fuckers?

Off topic!

Fuck that- I'm Mangani. I grew up climbing palm trees for coconuts, snorkeling for lobster, conch, and fish with harpoons n shit, going fishing at 3am until 9 or 10am, digging for clams and crabs in the mangroves, etc. I don't care if you call me a savage, or a king, or a god- I take more pride in being me than in being anything anybody else has been or done. You ignore the facts because you lack this pride in your self, and in your people. Your people have done enough to earn their place in history- even by the "white man's" telling of it...

I don't give a fuck about how you grew up; this is not the thread for this!

The white man never gave us the credit deserving of us!

By defending the white man for all the wickedness he has done to my people, you have shown yourself to be his mindless pawn.
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