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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
-Then it is not only the Black Hebrew Israelites who are misinformed. There have always been bandwagon riders on different belief systems- heck, the founder of the NOI wasn't black! This doesn't make those statements and teachings true, it only makes them more widespread.
Magani, I don't see the relevance in attacking the NOI in order to rebuff my argument.

But, I would ask you to consider the fact that if the African-American is an ancestor of the ancient Hebrew, then do you think that the races that have degraded, enslaved, murdered and forcibly shifted a chosen people are going to come out and state that the African-American is God's chosen people from ancient times? (There are many non black Americans that still do not believe that blacks deserve equal rights)

In addition to that would the current Jewish people that have structured their belief system around themselves being the chosen people (who also hold considerable power, both financially and academically) be willing to let history be proven wrong and thus displace them from there status as the "chosen people"?

There are many reasons why there are many opposed to identifying the black (African) man as God's chosen people.

Myself personally being white it makes no difference to me whether it is Semites or Blacks that were the original Hebrew. I have nothing to gain and I believe in the spirit rather than the flesh. I also like to follow the truth and to me that says that the ancient Israelites were black.

I believe that you have incorporated some aspects in to your argument that detract from the main debate. No one on this thread was stating that King James or Shakespeare were black. We are not debating the skin tone or validity of the teachings of Wallace Fard Muhammad.

Myself being without any religious affiliation I don't understand the argument that I am jumping on a bandwagon. I'm not a member or follower of the Black Hebrews, Nation of Islam or 5 percenters. I prefer to create my own path rather than follow another's path. All my beliefs would not correlate with any other single belief structure. But I like many others do gain some insight into knowledge by observing other cultures.
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